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Blockchain, considered as the First generation of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), suffers from limited scalability, latency, throughput issues, besides timestamping and energy consumption challenges.   Mining based Transaction validation by network consensus results in poor scalability and throughput. Public blockchains manage throughputs of three to thirteen transactions per second with a latency that may go into hours and days. The energy cost of mining to validate transactions with number of transactions going up and miners not being able to keep pace, resulting in increased latency and higher energy costs. At the costs involved in validating transactions with mining, enterprise adoption is a challenge, even in private networks, considering the cost of energy consumed.  After evaluating different Blockchain and DLT protocols, the Aurigraph team decided to write a protocol ground up using a mining-less technique.  Aurigraph set out solve the problems of scalability and throughput in decentralized computing, especially in DLTs.  We finally chose the state-machine replication technique, but with certain modifications, to build our protocol. 

Aurigraph protocol was tested and found working by May 2018 and filed out patent in the USA by Dec 2018. Team Aurigraph started building the platform from the beginning of 2018 and has successfully demonstrated its potential in numerous use cases. Aurigraph Protocol aligns with the principles of Triple Entry Accounting and can deliver real-time reconciliation, audit and track and trace across value chains. However one big challenge remained. What is the ideal use case for a highly scalable DLT to solve a real-world problem

Fast forward to 2021. Seizing an opportunity in Open Banking, Aurigraph built an Account Aggregator platform, the first ever on a DLT. The platform now is integrating with a potential 600 data sources in Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Education and Utilities, among others. Aurigraph is in the process of integrating over 60000 API data sources to offer a 360 degree perspective of a user, to offer all round services.  Aurigraph is a Reserve Bank of India’s Account Aggregator Technology Service Provider under the Sa hamati  program offering world’s first and only DLT based  Account Aggregator platform, to deliver a highly scalable platform.  Aurigraph is actively working on Open Commerce and Open Finance use cases with integrated Open Banking to drive Financial inclusion in diverse emerging markets 

Aurigraph is in the process of integrating with Education data providers, education institutions, job portals and employers to provide pre-verified student records in India and Southern Africa to provide transparent and immutable educational records. Aurigraph Open Data for Healthcare helps in maintaining immutable health records that may integrate with popular health care applications and  services across the world to facilitate emergency services and continuous care on-demand. Contact Us


Subbu Jois, CEO/CTO

Founder and Architect, Subbu is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the platform development, marketing, and customer experience strategies. He holds patents in DLTs and their applications 

Sulieman Patel, Co-Founder/Evangelist

Suleiman compliments his 34 years of rich Industry experience with infectious enthusiasm providing decentralized and secure solutions with rare aplomb, coming up with some great solutioning. His experience ranges across Banking, Government and healthcare, 

Prashanth M, DevOps

Prashanth has come up the organization the hard way working his way up in DevOps in the last 25 years. He is the Go-To guy in the team for Virtual Desktops to Servers to cloud hosting needs!

Srinivasa Rao, SQA Lead

Srinivas is the man for all seasons! A Test Lead with over 15 years' experience, no product is released without his approval after testing. He has been instrumental in test automation for functional, performance and security testing. 

Balaji V, CFO

Balaji comes with a rich blend of corporate and startup experience having served in the likes of Dell and Airtel following which he had his own startup. He now brings his financial strategic skills to take Aurigraph DLT Corp to the next level

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Andy Altahawl


Investment Banker with over 30 years behind him, having taken over 40 companies to the US markets
Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Riad Fawzi

As a seasoned strategic advisor from London School of Economics in Risk management, Business strategy and Technology.
London, UK.

Vikram Pandya

Vikram is Director FinTech at SP Jain School of Global Management where he has designed Asia’s first interactive classroom led FinTech program featuring Blockchain, API Banking, AI/ML and IoT labs. He has authored several white papers and articles on FinTech domain.

Mumbai, India

Umakant Bijapur

A seasoned Banker and mentor with 35 years industry experience with one of the largest banks in India 

Bangalore, India