Open Commerce. Easily.

Over 80% of trade and commerce is carried out by the informal economy in most markets. Open Commerce enables MSMEs to buy and sell goods and services on an open platform while providing access to credit through Aurigraph Open Banking solutions 

Aurigraph Open Commerce

Over 80% of commerce in markets like India, Africa and other developing economies, is carried out by MSMEs in the Informal Economy. Open Commerce delivers a leveling playing field for MSMEs, the key drivers of commerce and employment, by offering seamless trading across the world. Open Commerce enables Open integration of buyers and Sellers on an Open platform with verifiable identities to build trustable trade practices using open software and open data through APIs. Aurigraph Open Commerce platform offers Decentralized commerce platform with Peer-to-Peer transactions integrated with Aurigraph Open Banking to deliver complete Open Commerce with API integrations across thousands of banks and financial institutions and sovereign identity providers to unlock the true potential of small business to reach out to the world. Aurigraph Open commerce integrates Buyers, Sellers, Logistics providers, financial institutions and other service providers to lower the risk of business for all stakeholders. 

Aurigraph Open Commerce features for Aurigraph Node include:

  • Users' Multifactor Authentication 
  • Users' Federated identity store
  • Users' onboarding with API driven eKYC and financial services integration 
  • Digital Vault for Digital Assets including catalogs and documents 
  • Aurigraph Smart Contracts with Role based Access Control 
  • Aurigraph Token vault 
  • User' General Ledger of all Transactions and their Notarized Receipts after Consensus 
  • Users' Active contract Logs.


Often referred to as the UPI of e-commerce, ONDC is a freely accessible government-backed platform that aims to democratize e-commerce by moving it from a platform-centric model to an open network for buying and selling goods and services. Unlike the platform-based model, the ONDC will not be owned or controlled by a single entity or platform.  Businesses and consumers will be able to carry out transactions over ONDC using any compatible application of their choice.  On the platform, eSamudaay, ERP player Gofrugal, digital business platform for enterprise business Digiit, and digital marketing outfit Growth Falcon, are involved on the sellers’ side of interface.  According to an October 2020 CB Insights report, almost 90 percent of India’s commerce is still done informally via brick-and-mortar channels.

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