Aurigraph DLT Platform

Mining-less protocol and platform with super scalability and zero latency. Post quantum secure! 

Fixed Transaction fee. No Gas Fee. 

Active Contracts for real-world smart contracting from legal documents

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Platform Overview

  • Mining-less protocol: RAFT based consensus protocol. No Cryptocurrency 
  • Super scalability: Aurigraph offers High Scalability and throughput of over one hundred thousand Transactions per second and Low Latency of Under 500 milliseconds. In comparison, Enterprise
  • True Event Time stamp: Aurigraph offers true transaction time stamping while Blockchain offers Proof-of-work or Proof-of stake time stamp
  • True BFT: Aurigraph offers True BFT as the transaction validation and consensus is achieved in near-real time, making it one of the most robust DLT protocols for enterprise.
  • Super Secure: Aurigraph uses Post Quantum Cryptography to secure Data at Rest and Transit, thus making it future proof, by securing data even after the advent of Quantum computing.
  • Attachments: Aurigraph is the only DLT platform to offer attachments as a part of the transaction.
  • Low on resources: Aurigraph DLT is designed to work with exceptionally low system resources using Low RAM and storage requirements, making it a possible to deploy on mobile platforms and edge computing.
  • Fixed fee: Aurigraph offers fixed transaction fee model to enable predictable smart contract and transaction fee, payable in Aurigraph Tokens, unlike Ethereum’s speculative “gas” fee.
  • Green DLT Platform: Aurigraph is the Greenest of DLT platform with lowest energy needs as on date. Each node will consume less than Three USD energy per year.

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Aurigraph DLT Platform Overview

Aurigraph platform Overview